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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Get Paid To Tweet – Earn Money Through Twitter

Earning money has become a lot easier online; thanks to free jobs available in the form of get paid to tweet jobs. These sites offer free jobs or tweet jobs and allow you to earn money through twitter. The job usually includes posting a tweet on your twitter account. However, you must have at least 500 followers to join most of the sites in order to make money through twitter.

Secondly, you must have posted about 300 to 500 tweets in total. If you meet these simple requirements, you are on your way to making money for doing nothing special. Many youngsters stay connected with their friends via social sites. They can make money posting tweets while socializing with their buddies online.
These get paid to tweet sites either pay upfront or pay for clicks generated from your tweets. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully before posting your tweets to testify you post tweets as per the site’s requirements. Some of the authentic get paid to tweet sites are as follows.

1. Sponsoredtweets. A premier name in paid to tweet program. If you have a good list of followers, you can certainly earn money through twitter. So why not capitalize your twitter account to make money. Sign up with the site, and go through the terms and conditions to avoid any sort of problems later. Join the site here

2. Revtwt - similar to sponsoredtweets, revtwt allow you to make money for posting tweets in your twitter account. Just like sponsoredtweets, joining is free and you do not have to pay anything to make money with the site. Sign up with revtwt here

3. Twtmob this is another leading name in paid to tweet industry. Join the site, go through the fine print and then pick paid to tweet campaigns. Join twtmob here

4. Paypertweet as the name indicates, pay per tweet pays you per tweet posted on your twitter account. You won’t make big bucks, but you will definitely earn money through twitter while socializing online. So, why not get paid for your time on twitter? Join the site here

5paid2twitter – though the site does not pay much for posting tweets, but it is worth trying. Moreover, you can also make money for following people on twitter. Why not get paid for following like minded people on twitter, besides getting paid for tweets. Sign up with paid2twitter here.

With the existence of these get paid to tweet or earn money through twitter offers, making money on the web has become quite easy. Join these simple free jobs, and make money through twitter.


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